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Ampac USA offers an extensive line of premium home and office reverse osmosis water purification and water treatment appliances.

We design and manufacture our reverse osmosis systems, water coolers/ dispensers, countertop water filters and whole house systems with the same exacting standards as our commercial and industrial systems. And if your source is a water well, Ampac USA can offer a customized solution tailored to your water quality report conditions and expected consumption.


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Commercial Turnkey Reverse Osmosis 6,000 GPD | 22.7m3/Day

Commercial Turnkey Reverse Osmosis 6,000 GPD | 22.7m3/Day

The Ampac USA Fully Equipped LX Series Commercial Turnkey Brackish Reverse Osmosis 6,000 GPD/22.7m3/day | AP6000-LX is the result of 20 years of experience with the needs and requirements of commercial pure water consumers with brackish and well water. This includes family homes, restaurants, coffee..


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